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Contact 046 9027694 or E-Mail

Contact 046 9027694 or E-Mail

Price list & Brochure


From a practical storage unit to a restful outdoor haven the garden shed has become a mainstay in most our homes. It is safe to say that as a garden feature it will remain a fixture throughout each season and can take a prime position especially in winter when all traces of foliage and summer flowering have gone. To this end we at Boyne Garden Sheds are ever mindful of this fact and have a range of garden sheds that will not only please the eye but will remain durable over the years.


Price list & Brochure


Gothic Style Garden Shed




The Lodge Garden Shed


The unique styling of the Lodge Garden Shed with its decorative features and custom colour options

ensure an individual look to your garden.

Cottage & Combination Garden Sheds


The combination shed is a single building with an internal partition and two separate entrance.

Ideal for keeping the children's toys and play equipment away from hazardous materials



The Tea House

The Peg Shed

Heavy Duty" Garden Sheds

We recently added this building to our display area, It features double side window for extra light and extra heavy duty hinges 

Boyne Garden Sheds, Heavy duty Boyne Garden Sheds, Garden sheds for security

"Cottage Style" Garden Sheds

We are delighted to announce this new model to our garden shed range. Named "The Cottage" because of its side facing orientation. Features include window door plus two additional front facing windows


Garden shed, Garden Sheds Ireland Cottage Style Garden Sheds, Garden Sheds Ireland

Standard Garden Shed features include Metal roof, Sub-frame Base,

Included as standard in all our Garden Sheds:

Fully pressure treated sub-frame base allowing for increased stability of the Garden shed. Sub-frame ensures there is

no unsightly gaps under-the structure, if placed on a prepared level surface

 All exterior walls in our garden sheds consist of pressure treated shiplap cladding (tongue and groove)

which extends the life of your shed thus requiring minimal maintenance

 Each garden shed is lined throughout and has the addition of a roof liner

Windows in the garden sheds are constructed with safety glaze

All garden sheds include air vents to allow air to circulate throughout the building

 ALL our garden sheds buildings have an insulated metal roof, tile effect is also available



Price list & Brochure


Boyne Road, Navan, Co.Meath Telephone 046 9027694


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